Fit Mummy Village


Our Story..

My name is Sarah & in June 2018, I fulfilled my dream of opening a group exercise studio that specialised in safe pre & postnatal fitness classes for women.

Why was this my dream?  Because 2 years ago, it became my goal to help educate & empower women on the benefits of adjusting your fitness regime when pregnant & postnatal, as well as the long term harm we can do to our body if we do not.  This is a topic that is unfortunately, a very well kept secret in our information market.

Building STRONG women who lift each other UP

Our Village is your home away from home.  We are a safe, supportive, judgement-free zone with friendly, real women.   Our classes are fun, effective & educational.  We don’t just tell you what to do - we always explain WHY you are doing something & why it is so important.

Why we love it

"Fit Mummy Village is unreal. Sarah is so great and the classes are awesome. The ladies in the creche are fantastic and my kids enjoy going there which makes working out easy knowing the are being looked after. Awesome group of women to work out with."
Leeanne G


"The best place for exercise and friendship."
Amanda F

"Awesome bunch of women standing by each other to bring out the best in us xxxx"
Bree D

"Fantastic! we are lucky to have such a wonderful facility in town! Sarah is always so welcoming and its nice to be able to have somewhere for your kids while you can do a workout."
Sarah P

Why Choose Us?

Your body is your most priceless possession, so don't trust it to just any trainer.  As a pre & postnatal specialist I will ensure your exercise journey from pregnancy to postnatal & beyond, is safe, fun & effective.  

Did you know that once you give birth, you are postnatal until you either become pregnant again or reach menopause?

Did you know a weak pelvic floor is one of the most common postnatal issues?  One that is responsible for incontinence & prolapse?

Did you know your core muscles are significantly stretched & weakened as a result of pregnancy & birth?

Did you know that many women let common postnatal issues continue for years after birth without ever seeking help?

Did you know that these issues can all be rehabilitated with safe postnatal exercise & a knowledgeable trainer?  At ANY age?

Get in touch, I would love to help you!